We cannot guarantee peace, but we sure can assure the best conditions for those striving for it. We cannot predict inevitable incidents, but our mission is to keep people safe when they occur. It is not in our power to foresee global emergencies, but we are committed to providing the right serviceman to deal with them effectively.

For the last 15 years, Panna Plus is specializing its services to facilitate safety. Safety on land, air, and sea. Safety of people and the countries they inhabit. Panna Plus serves the Adriatic region with top-class products, cutting-edge services, and turnkey solutions for defence, law enforcement, and civil security.

Quick Facts


years of business experience


successfully executed projects & contracts

97 %

customer retention

>90M €

5 years backlog


countries in operating scope


international partners and OEMs maintenance

Specialized in Quality

Panna Plus specializes in operating by the highest ethical, safety, and international regulatory standards.

Pannaplus values

Panna Plus is all about respect. We respect every individual, our team, and our projects, and we deeply respect our partnerships. Panna Plus cares.

Pannaplus Standards

Panna Plus strives to organize and deliver the highest level of service, based on the strictest internationally recognized rules, regulations, and standards.

Pannaplus Vision

Panna Plus's work and projects shall support the greater purpose of facilitating the safety of people and nations, building the foundation of general well-being.


Panna Plus is a proud partner of more than 70 renowned companies around the world.

Map of the world shaped with small blue dots on a dark blue base. White dots on the map represent the partners locations.

Specialized in the Region

Panna Plus is a leading regional provider in advanced hi-tech systems and integrated solutions, tailored to all our customers’ needs and requirements.

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