Panna Plus considers its team members to be the essential part of the company. Their exciting mixture of backgrounds and skills, together with a common attribute of great understanding for customer needs, powers the company’s ongoing diversity in specialization and success in the Adriatic region. The whole team is bound by their dedication to excellence and our promise is to respect each member to the utmost.

Open positions

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Benefits and Perks

Welness at Panna
  • Delicious snacks in the office
  • Dogs are always welcome
  • Relaxed and stimulating atmosphere
  • Flexible scheduling and remote work
Fitness at Panna
  • Free morning workout 2 times per week
  • Running team
  • Various collective sport activities
  • Great work-life balance
Team building at Panna
  • Creative and fun team-building events
  • Fun Fund for team activities
  • Respectful & relaxed relations
  • Strong business culture

Specialized in Quality

Panna Plus specializes in operating by the highest ethical, safety, and international regulatory standards.

Pannaplus values

Panna Plus is all about respect. We respect every individual, our team, and our projects, and we deeply respect our partnerships. Panna Plus cares.

Pannaplus Standards

Panna Plus strives to organize and deliver the highest level of service, based on the strictest internationally recognized rules, regulations, and standards.

Pannaplus Vision

Panna Plus's work and projects shall support the greater purpose of facilitating the safety of people and nations, building the foundation of general well-being.