Our work

Panna Plus, a company with over 15 years of extensive experience is a leading regional system integrator and maintenance provider for the defense industry, law enforcement and civil services and security. The company is proud to partner with the most respected worldwide companies in the industry and delivers services of the highest quality throughout each phase of the complete lifecyle of each project.

Given the extensive experience, Panna Plus specializes in understanding customer's requirements with offering them customized, turnkey solutions for even the most complex projects, with a combination of the latest technologies, software and services. Panna Plus boasts operational experience in providing national-scale intelligence systems, cybersecurity, weapon systems and munitions and anti-riot solutions for governments. The company continues to evolve and its employees strive to provide the highest quality solutions for unpredictable events readiness, which helps maintain public well-being and security.


Panna Plus is a proud partner of more than 70 renowned companies around the world.

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Specialized in the Region

Panna Plus is a leading regional provider in advanced hi-tech systems and integrated solutions, tailored to all our customers’ needs and requirements.

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