Description: The whole team is bound with dedication to excellence and our promise is to respect each member greatly.

Our essence

Panna Plus is firmly committed to respect. We respect our team, we respect our projects, and we deeply respect our partnerships. At Panna Plus, we care. The whole team is bound by their dedication to excellence and our promise is to respect each member to the greatest possible extent.

Panna Plus' Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy is a statement and a moral commitment that pervades Panna Plus at all levels, from our team members and our daily operations, to our projects and partners. By adapting and internalizing our set of quality principles, Panna Plus is able to continuously improve and transparently grow.

Our Standards

Panna Plus strives to organize and deliver the work by the highest international standards.

ISO Standards

In 2021, Panna Plus proudly obtained the ISO 9001 standard, which reflects the quality standards of the management system. It is based on several of the highest quality management principles. The ISO 9001: 2015 certificate confirms that Panna Plus has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System in all spheres of its activities. 


The Allied Quality Assurance Publications (AQAP) are standards for quality assurance systems that have been established by NATO.

The AQAP’s aim is to define standards for Quality Assurance of defence products. These standards are an essential part of defense contracts awarded involving NATO member countries.

Vision and Mission

Panna Plus’s work and projects shall support the greater purpose of facilitating the safety of people and nations.

We strive to maintain our position as a reliable and specialized partner in the Adriatic region and to expand the geographic scope of our professional influence. Our mission is to be specialized in safety and facilitate that in every way possible.

Vision and mission