Affiliated with the industry’s leading civil and defense suppliers, Panna Plus represents some of the most respected and well established companies in the global civil, defense and security area.

Based on unique field experience and expertise of our engineers Panna Plus focuses on delivering fully customised turnkey solutions. We cover sales and marketing activities together with complete after sales support.

We supply defense & security systems and equipment, civil telecommunication infrastructure and we perform all kinds of training tailored to meet our customers' most challenging needs.

Panna Plus as a long-term contractor of Slovene Ministry of Defense provides 24/7 maintenance and support services for Slovenian armed forces. Our team of trained and certified engineers operates in Panna Plus’s repair workshop or on customer's site either in Military barracks or during their mission on a field. Our support team is doing a full hardware and software maintenance on the equipment which was sold to Slovene MOD by our partner companies.

Panna Plus prides itself on the ability to work under tight deadlines and schedules, working within budget requirements, whilst maintaining the highest of standards and providing the optimal solution.


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Today’s ground forces are preparing for tomorrow’s demanding missions in which combat strategies must be seamlessly implemented – from open to urban terrain and through a three-block war scenario. Saab has extensive experience in supporting ground forces with solutions designed to meet the need for enhanced capabilities and a higher level of effectiveness.

Saab understands training and provide state-of-the-art, live, virtual training and LVC Integration solutions that support all phases of your training cycle. With Saab as your partner, you gain access to training solutions that provide continuous access to every available training resource and meet the demands for more flexible, cost-effective and dynamic training environments.



Expal develops, manufactures, integrates and maintains a wide portfolio of products, systems and services for the Defence and Security sectors. Expal’s customers are Ministries of Defence and Armed Forces from around the globe, international organisms and other leading defence companies. Currently, EXPAL’s products and services are employed by over 60 countries with over 1000 employees and 11 production centers spread across Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Belarus, Denmark and the U.S.

Expal possesses PECAL/AQAP 2110 “NATO Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development and Production” standard ratings and its production facilities have PECAL/AQAP 2120 production quality assurance qualifications. In addition, Expal and its production centers are certified under the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard. Expal is a leader in the field of disposal recovering and demilitarization of EOD, obsolete, excess or banned ammunition, explosives and pyrotechnics.



Kärcher Futuretech GmbH, headquartered in Schwaikheim, Germany, was founded in 2005 as a spin-off from Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG, of which it is an independent subsidiary. Kärcher Futuretech has around 140 employees in development, sales, marketing, administration and service. As a globally recognized specialist in protection and supply systems, Kärcher  provides Field-proven systems for peacekeeping missions, civil defense and disaster control.

Kärcher Futuretech's corporate mission is to provide high-performance equipment for all kinds of task forces and they achieve this, with the competence of 140 qualified employees, more than 30 years’ experience of real missions in widely differing regions of the world, innovative technology and “engineered in Germany” quality, and last but not least the capabilities and strength of the Kärcher Group, the world market leader in cleaning technology.



Since 2004 Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) is an independent corporation which emerged from the Dynamit Nobel AG. From the beginning of the last century DND location in Burbach-Würgendorf, Germany belonged to the Alfred Nobel Group, where also the classical dynamite invented by Nobel was manufactured.

DND is since decades a leading company in the development and production of multipurpose infantry weapons designed to be effective against heavy and light armor, bunkers or other structures. For shoulder launched weapons DND is a systems supplier to the Armed Forces offering the complete range of equipment including training aids and state of the art sights.



Founded in 1974, Beth-El Zikhron Yaaqov Industries Ltd. has been a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of ventilation, CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) protection systems, blast protection equipment, air-cleaners for heavy engines, and medical isolation systems.

Beth-El is a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of collective protection systems against Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) weapons, Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs), as well as a host of other products, such as explosion protection equipment, air-cleaners, and medical products, etc.



Guardiaris' primary goal is to provide their customers with superb mobile training and simulation products. They create the most innovative and cost-effective mobile training and simulation products that can easily be deployed anywhere at any time.

To achieve this goal, customer’s needs and requirements are carefully analyzed, ensuring they get tailor-made product far beyond their expectations, regardless of how unique their requirements are. Guardiaris products are designed to be light and cost-effective, covering various training possibilities ranging from exact replicas of small arms to light weight vehicle simulators.




JUNGHANS Defence is a leading supplier of all types of munition fuzes and Safety Arming Devices (SAD) for rockets, missiles, guided munitions, shoulder-launched weapons and torpedoes. The company deals extensively with such diverse fields as precision engineering, electromechanics, electronics, pyrotechnics and material technologies to provide its customers with safe, reliable, high performance products in the fields of highly g-hardened fuzes and ignition systems.

JUNGHANS Defence is the European leader in the domain of fuzing and fuzing technologies, which are very specific, demanding comprehensive expertise and a specialised background. The company possesses, in-house, all of the skills and technologies required for this product domain, and has over many decades developed a high level of expertise with detailed knowledge and understanding of the designing, engineering and manufacturing of high performance and precision fuzes.




EuroSpike is headquartered in Röthenbach and serves as the prime contractor for the SPIKE family of multi-purpose guided missiles for a wide range of customers in Europe. The SPIKE family of guided missiles represents the latest generation of multi-purpose/anti-armour missile systems that combines fire & forget, observe & update capabilities with pinpoint accuracy over ranges up to 8,000 meters.

The common marketing in the framework of the industry consortium has convinced already a large number of European customers of the SPIKE missiles and several other NATO countries. EuroSpike missiles have become an indispensable weapon for modern armed forces, ranging from infantry and army aviation to naval defense forces. It is the only guided missile system that has applied, realised and also demonstrated its multi-mission capability in the modern battlefield scenarios.




ANT AG was set up in July 1999 and since then has successfully specialized in the fields of Water Abrasive Suspension (WAS) cutting technology and special-purpose machinery. ANT produces systems for the WAS cutting process and develops cutting devices, robotics and all kinds of gripper equipment or carrier systems in the field of special-purpose machinery.

The training and experience as well as the personal commitment of each individual guarantees the high quality and functionality of ANT systems and their successful application at the customer’s site.




Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company (EBA&D), headquartered in Connecticut, USA is a global leader of precision energetics systems and innovative explosive and non-explosive solutions. Whether you are in need of a minefield breaching system, a specialized demolition kit or a requirement for system initiation or flight termination, EBA&D precision products and systems are Right for Your Mission!

Ideas, insights and engineering breakthroughs have made EBA&D manufacturers of the most reliable, precise aerospace and defense energetic solutions available. Their history of providing high-reliability solutions to these markets is unequaled, as is their commitment to meeting cost, delivery, reliability, environmental, and performance requirements.




BKE Media is a global developer and manufacturer of a superb shooting training systems used by police and military forces. The one being in use also by Slovenian armed forces is HITCOM-System.

Hitcom is an optical hit detection unit and is the key element of the modern and realistic training for live and laser ammunition shooting. It distinguishes itself through its precise hit evaluation and intuitive operating.




RADA Electronic Industries Ltd is a defense electronics system house specializing in the design, development, production and sales of advanced electronic systems for airborne and land applications. Founded in 1970, RADA has been traded on the NASDAQ ("RADA") stock exchange since 1985. 

RADA provides complete system solutions designed primarily for the aerospace and defense market.
RADA's product lines include Tactical Land Radars, Inertial Navigation Systems, Avionics Systems and Upgrades




Canadian Technology Systems (CTS) offers solutions to existing and potential problems related to the EOD area. This will be accomplished by working closely with end-users, appreciating their feedback and ideas, all the while implementing CTS’s unique scientific approach in an industry heavily based on trial and error techniques, which creates a “do it yourself” mind-set for often ignored end-users.

CTS strives to be the foremost innovator in the disruption technology for improvised explosive devices and unexploded ordnance using a scientific approach to create and produce the most advanced, safer, reliable and affordable equipment worldwide. Disruption technology had suffered small and/or not very significant changes in the last 100 years. In this respect, CTS can confirm that this technology may still be explored and will not become obsolete anytime soon.




TCN shpk is a limited liability company, incorporated in Albania. TCN has started the business in 1996 and is operating regionally in the Western Balkans. TCN is a System Integrator and Infrastructure company. Their mission is to provide state of the art systems and service solutions on Infrastructure and Advanced Technology applications for Government and corporate customers.

Their vision is to be a regional leader in providing next-generation and best-value infrastructure, systems and service solutions that help the customers achieve their mission and grow their business. TCN does all that with a purpose to achieve Mission Success by attaining total customer satisfaction and meeting all commitments.




Nuctech Company Limited (Nuctech), founded in 1997, is an advanced security & inspection solution and service supplier in the world. Relying on independent innovation and following the customers’ demands, Nuctech provides the most advanced technology, superb products and integrated solutions in the security inspection industry to customers from more than 130 countries and areas in the globe.

Covering Civil Aviation, Customs, Railway, Highway, Urban Railway, Logistics, Judiciary, Big Events and other security areas, Nuctech helps customers in keeping the homeland security and people safe, which earns great reputation. Currently, Nuctech has become an internationally famous brand in the security & inspection industry.




Lamor is committed to oil spill response, recovery and clean-up operations worldwide. They provide immediate on-site expertise to execute solutions that protect the environment and our ecosystems. Lamor provides soil and water treatment services globally. They offer two lines of services: Recovery and Treatment & Disposal, which can be custom-designed to best suit a client’s project-specific needs, expectations and resources.

Since 2004 Lamor is recognized and acknowledged as an international training provider, and the Lamor Response Team (LRT) has responded to numerous oil spills around the world in every type of environment, including arctic, desert, jungle, off-shore, and rivers. Lamor offers OSR training (IMO), Contigency Planning and Equipment Training.




The Markleen Group is a leading manufacturer of oil spill response equipment. They supply all-inclusive packages specially designed for the customers whether located on oil recovery vessels, oil spill response bases or at ports. They pride themselves on a highly qualified technical department and our state-of- the art production facilities in Norway, Sweden and Spain.

Markleen's objective is to offer the best products and services to the customers, which they promise will pay off in the long run. Currently Markleen products are in use on all continents, in conditions ranging from the Arctic and Antarctic to tropical environments in Asia, Africa and Central America.




CommScope helps companies around the world design, build and manage their wired and wireless networks. Their network infrastructure solutions help customers increase bandwidth; maximize existing capacity; improve network performance and availability; increase energy efficiency; and simplify technology migration.

You will find CommsScope solutions in the largest buildings, venues and outdoor spaces; in data centers and buildings of all shapes, sizes and complexity; at wireless cell sites; in cable headends an telco central offices; and in airports, trains, and tunnels. Vital networks around the world run on CommScope solutions.